5 Reasons You Should Use A Fly Sheet And A Fly Mask On Your Horse

Here are our 5 reasons you should use a fly sheet and fly mask on your horse this summer.

Horse owners welcome the arrival of summer.

Dark nights and freezing temperatures are replaced with warm evening rides in beautiful countryside. However, just as horses need protection from the wet and cold in the winter, they also need protection from the sun and the flies in summer.

Fighting off flies in the summer can sometimes feel like a difficult task. Protecting your horse with a fly sheet and a fly mask can offer complete protection to keep them happy and healthy. 

Skin Allergies 

Saliva from biting flies and gnats can cause allergic reactions, which are itchy and generally unpleasant for your horse. “Sweet itch,” a severe form, is caused by an allergic reaction to the saliva of Culicoides midges that leads to severe itching, hair loss and, sometimes, scarring. The WeatherBeeta Sweet Itch Shield Combo Neck offers head to tail protection with an elasticared and adjustable belly wrap, full wrap tail flap, and elastic ear hood. It provides protection from UV rays, sun bleaching, parasites and insects avoiding irritation and skin allergies.

External Parasites

Certain types of flies, including blowflies and screwworm flies, lay eggs directly on wounds. The hatching larvae invade the injured tissue and feed on it. If left untreated, it can be deadly. The ComFiTec Zephyr Plus Mesh Combo Neck is made from 220gms of soft open weave design and provides over 75% UV block. The full wrap tail flap has a two piece design that wraps around the horses’ quarters for maximum protection, while the elastic insert at the wither provides additional comfort while grazing and the Ultra belly wrap offers extra protection from flies.

Harmful UV Rays

Just like humans, horses need protection from ultraviolet rays. Fly sheets and fly masks act like sunscreen. This helps decrease coat bleaching in dark horses and protects from sunburn and skin cancers in light-coloured horses and those with areas of pink skin. The Weatherbeeta Breeze IV provides breathable and cool 270g polycotton upper providing 95%+ UV protection with polyester mesh panels for ultimate in airflow for the warmer months.


Photosensitivity is a sun-related skin injury triggered by chemical imbalances in the horse’s body. These imbalances may be caused by certain plants, drugs or liver disease. It affects both pigmented and unpigmented areas. The ComFiTec Essential Mesh II Combo Neck Fly Sheet provides 75% UV block and comes with matching fly masks.

Environmental Effects

Many fly repellents contain pesticides, which act as a neurotoxin in insects. They are nontoxic to most mammals, however fish and other forms of aquatic life are sensitive to their effects, and some birds can be affected as well. The Green-Tec Airflow Mesh Fly Sheet provides a higher UV rating over the back and neck area with the benefit of it being a stronger mesh. The Ultra belly wrap, offers extra protection from flies and memory foam wither relief pad for maximum comfort and protection.

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