Collegiate ComFiTec Bridle Review

A happy customer reviews the Collegiate ComFiTec bridle.

What an outstanding bridle! My horse Tommy and I both absolutely love the Collegiate ComFiTec Bridle. I’m so happy to have found a bridle that really helps the both of us in the many disciplines we partake in.

Tommy is my Friesian cross Hunter and is 17hh, he absolutely loves his job whether it’s cross country, show jumping and even dressage. He used to get very strong and excitable in a lot of the work we did, so like many horse owners I went looking down avenues of different bridles and bits. We tried grackles, a flash nose band, 5 different bits, martingales, but nothing was really working. 

Then I discovered the ComFiTec bridle, it was so easy to fit using the sizing guide and tutorials. Tommy felt incredible! The bridle was lovely and padded, anatomically shaped to him and offered loads of room for his large ears. His way of going had just changed, he really listened to me, felt more relaxed, accepted the bit more and I actually have some brakes, even in a snaffle.

After purchasing the Collegiate ComFiTec Crystal bridle for dressage, which is British dressage approved, our scores improved a considerable amount, people also ask on many of my outings about this bridle. I always explain how much it has improved Tommy’s comfort and how awesome he looks in it.

We also have the Collegiate ComFiTec sheepskin bridle for show jumping and cross country, which I now only use a snaffle to control him round some big obstacles and he really has relaxed and we both enjoy having control. 

I am so glad I made the change to this incredible bridle and have suggested it to many other equestrians to try one on their horses or ponies, they too have noticed a big difference and are having superb results.  

My ComFiTec bridles are very easy to clean and are also very low maintenance, I have had mine over a year now and have seen zero wear or tear on either bridle, they always feel super soft and supple every time I use them.

The Collegiate ComFiTec Bridles are worth their weight in gold and I would highly recommend for all disciplines!

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