Do I Need A Therapy Blanket?

Clearing up misconceptions about what Therapy blankets are and how they work to promote suppleness, performance, warmth, and relaxation.

I was recently chatting with a person who specifically wanted a WeatherBeeta blanket that had fully adjustable front closures, a wither relief pad and the freedom system. I gave her the two available options:

The WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Ultra Cozi
The WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Premier with Therapy-Tec

“What is Therapy-Tec?” she asked. And so I started to explain when she cut me up abruptly to say “My horse isn’t injured, he doesn’t need a Therapy blanket!”

And that statement made me realize just how misunderstood Therapy blankets are. They aren’t only about injuries, they are about suppleness and performance, comfort and warmth, relaxation and happiness.

The WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec range isn’t only for horses that have something wrong with them. To the contrary, it is to ensure the horses are as comfortable as they can be to allow them to perform at their best! And who doesn’t want that?

The Therapy-Tec range features ceramic fabric technology, which helps increase blood flow, thus removing lactic acid after strenuous exercise and increasing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the main muscle groups. This isn’t just a blanket for convalescing horses, although they will also benefit from it, the Therapy-Tec is a blanket for any horse in medium to hard work where the owners are keen to ensure their horse remains supple and comfortable. This extends to hunters, show jumpers, eventers, dressage horses, endurance horses, polo ponies and racehorses, plus anybody with a stiff, injured or sore horse. Essentially, it is perfect for a high percentage of the equine population!

We’ve had fantastic feedback from physios and vets, riders and owners and across all disciplines. 5* eventer and Senior Vet at Hook Norton Veterinary Group, Sam Cox, started using the Therapy-Tec fleece to travel her talented mare Holly to events resulting in a dressage PB at Keysoe Horse Trials.

If you have a horse that you expect to perform, then I would highly recommend using the WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec blanket range which includes a turnout blanket, a stable blanket, and a fleece which is available in a combo neck, standard neck, and as a quarter sheet.

Give your horse the best chance to perform with WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec!

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