Does My Horse Need A Stable Blanket?

A great option for horses that are kept inside for any period of time!

If your horse is stabled over the winter, you have probably considered white type of blanket is most appropriate for them to wear. 

Whether you decide to blanket your horse or not will depend on a variety of factors including age, weight, breed, condition, if they are clipped, and of course their health. 

Ultimately it is up to us to make a decision about what is best for our horse as they are all individuals with different needs. What is most sutiable for your horse may not be best for another horse in the stable. 

A horse that is stabled will not be able to move around as much to keep warm compared to a horse that is turned out. However, they will benefit having shelter from the wind, rain and elements. 

If you've decided to blanket your horse, you may be tempted to leave them in their turnout blanket overnight. This can be a time saver for early mornings and reduces the number of blankets you need. 

However, there are a few factors to consider. In this blog, we are going to discuss the benefits of using a stable blanket. 

1. Keep your horse's body heat for warmth

Winter in the US is a bit all over the place depending on where you are located. Some areas may find a mild winter, while others will find them selves in feet of snow and below zero temperatures for weeks at a time. You may have days where you bring your horse in with a soaking wet blanket. Fortunately, they should be dry thanks to waterproof lining in the blanket. Unfortunatlely, we don't all have a solarium to dry our blankets in! You might think the next best thing is to leave your horse blanketed and let their body heat dry the rug off. Doing so will hinder your horse's ability to keep themselves warm as their body heat will be drying the blanket instead. Imagine coming in from a very wet walk and having to sit in your wet rain coat all night with no heating on. You may find an increase in your hay bill too as your horse eats more to keep up with the exra body heat required. 

The best thing to do when your horse comes in on a wet day is to change them into a dry stable blanket. Whilst most of us can hang turnout blankets up to air dry overnight, it's a good idea to have a spare turnout blanket just in case it hasn't fully dried by the next morning. 

2. Keep an eye on body condition 

Another benefit of using a stable blanket at night is the changing of blankets helps to spot deteriorations in your horse's body conditon. Some blankets can cause rubs, sores, cuts or general uncomfortable areas for your horse, particularly if they are not well fitted. If you are not changing your horse's blanket regularly you wil be less likely to spot these issues early on. With any rubs, the sooner you can spot them and action, the easier they are to manage and recover from. Changing into a stable blanket every evening provides the opportunity for a quick groom and to give your horse's body a check over. 

3. Stable blankets are easier to keep clean

We all know horses aren't always the cleanest. Unwanted stable stains can ruin your horse's coat. Using a stable blanket will help to prevent this. Stable blankets are not waterproof and as such can be easily washed with non-biological detergent in the washing machine when they are smelly or dirty. If you are using a turnout blanket in the stable, you will have to reproof the blanket after every wash to ensure the blanket retains its waterproof quality. This is more expensive and time consuming than using a stable blanket. 

Now you konw the benefits of using a stable blanket, it's time to choose the correct one for your horse. We have rounded up our top three favorite stable blankets for 2024 for you to choose from....

Best Value For Money 

If your're looking for a high-quality stable blanket at an affordable price, the WeatherBeeat ComFiTec Channel Quilt Standard Neck Medium ticks all of the boxes. It features a 210 Denier outer, a lightweight but warm 110G polyfill insulation, and a channel quilt design which keeps the polyfill insulation in place for optimum coverage. It comes with a single buckle front closure for adjustibility and low cross surcingles to keep it in place. 

Therapy Option 

Our ComFiTec with Therapy-Tec Channel Quilt Detach-A-Neck Medium Is the perfect choice for your horse both pre and post workout or while your horse is resting in the barn. The Therapy Tec is designed to increase your horse's muscle function to reduce the risk of injury whilst warming up, by preparing the muscles for exercise. This blanket can also assist with recovery after work by reducing lactic acid build up which can decrease recovery time and improves the healing process of prior injuries.


For The Babies 

No to be left out, the WeatherBeeta 420D Foal Standard Neck Medium stable blanket is great for all those growing foals out there that might need a little extra warmth during those cold winter days and nights. This adjustable blanket is sure to fit your foal at all their early life stages. It features an adjustable touch tape chest closure that can keep up with all your foals growth spurts. 

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