Dublin River Boots III Conquer Southern California Flooding

What a story! Read all about our Dublin River Boots III withstanding the Southern California flooding.

"Dear Dublin team-

I wanted to reach out and give you a huge heartfelt thank you!

I am a professional livestock emergency evacuation planning clinician and travel throughout Southern California to present clinics. The Dublin River Boot III has always been my first-choice favorite boot. Besides being amazingly hearty, never leaking, comfortable to ride in and absolutely beautiful; they have always been the most comfortable boot when I am on my feet during my clinics.

Until last Tuesday, January 10th, I never really knew how spectacular they were. It was a heartbreaking day for many. Southern California had severe flooding. There was a ranch that was adjacent to the creek bed and I was sent with my evacuation team to rescue some animals. When I arrived, it was devastating. It was like walking into a war zone. I had to walk through deep, thick mud, deep puddles and moving water. I got stuck twice. And yet, my amazing River Boot did not fail me. It proved itself worthy by 1000 times. Sadly, we lost many of the animals that we went to rescue. But I was able to free many of the livestock that were pinned and would not have been able to make this difference if I had any lesser of a boot on. I suspect it will be a long time before I recover from the pain of the loss. But the animals I could save, I saved because I could get through. The boots never leaked, the lace on the top of the boot secured them and kept them from coming off and the tread helped to keep me from sliding.
This is one of the many pictures of the devastation of the ranch:

And these are my boots after the rescue. You can see how high the water got and how clean and dry they were on the inside. I was seriously amazed at how well they held up and kept my feet dry.

Thank you for making such amazing, quality products.
Victoria Beelik"

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