Dublin Holywell Field Boots

With several horses in full work, as well as a barn full of retired & semi-retired horses, I tend to be a little bit harder than I should be on my riding boots.

With several horses in full work, as well as a barn full of retired & semi-retired horses, I tend to be a little bit harder than I should be on my riding boots. While I do still keep a pair of slip on work boots beside my tack trunk, I find that more often than not I end up untacking, bathing horses, cleaning stalls, and turning horses in/out in my tall boots. This requires them to not only be comfortable to trek around the farm in, but also durable enough to handle all sorts of footing & terrain.

When it came time to upgrade my old pair of field boots, I wanted something that was good quality and fit with the current trends, but as I’m not actively competing (and knowing how hard I am on boots!) I also needed something that was an economical price.

I came across the Dublin Holywell Field Boots, and decided to give them a try. I have had Dublin Paddock Boots in the past, and have always used the River Boots as my main barn boots, so I figured these might be able to hold up to my routine.

I was drawn to the boots not only because of the fantastic price point, but also the sleek look. The ankle has a contoured design, which paired with the Spanish Top makes these look like a top tier model. The elastic laces offer a comfortable and easy fit, allowing more flexibility than a standard lace. The double spur rests on the heel, paired with a bottom and top zipper guard, show fantastic attention to detail.

But above all, I was most impressed with the interior of the boot & inside calf. The footbed has the RCS + bed, which is similar to the design that I’ve become accustom to with the River Boots. This, paired with the rubber outer sole, makes them comfortable and easy to walk around in, in addition to giving excellent traction in the saddle. The interior of the calf panel is made from a full grain leather, slightly thicker than the leather on the outside of the calf, giving a fantastic wearing surface. This allows the outside of the calf to have the soft, pre-broken in feel we’ve begun to expect in tall boots, but without sacrificing the durability.

Having had the boots for more than three years now, the interior leather is showing signs of wear, but because of the additional thickness it is by no means wearing through, and still has many years of use left. The interior also has a full elastic stretch panel beside the zipper.

This is cleverly hidden on the inside of the boot, not at all visible when in the saddle, yet it allows for a more comfortable fit and more flexibility in the calf. This also helped during the initial break in period, which was already shortened by the soft exterior leather.

I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the quality and design of these boots – and when the time comes will definitely be replacing them with the same style. The workmanship and material have held up to not only riding but hours of barn work, and the comfort on the ground has been equal to that of my work/barn boots. Whether an actual training session or a casual trail ride, these are definitely my favorite riding boots!

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