WeatherBeeta's Best Selling Blanket

When it comes to blankets, the WeatherBeeta Plus Dynamic offers exceptional value for your money.

We very often get caught up talking about the fanciest blanket, our favorite blanket, or even our cheapest blanket, after all, they tend to form the best answers to the questions we are most commonly asked. However, it is very rare that someone gets in touch to ask what our bestselling blanket is! And even though we don’t discuss it particularly often, day in and day out hundreds of horse owners chose to put their trust in the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Plus Dynamic. Why?

Maybe it is because of its legendary reputation after the flash floods in Spain, when rescuers were able to find the stranded horses hiding from the rising water thanks to the reflective on the Plus Dynamic! Or maybe, it is for reasons less heroic but just as important, like the wither relief pads which are protecting withers around the world. Have you ever thought about where the pressure points of your blankets are?

Blankets can put excessive weight on or slightly in front of the withers. Horses with high withers can very often get sores from the pressure blankets put on them, however, a much less known problem is the structural damage blankets can cause to the nuchal ligament. First signs of problems are apparent through a slight indentation in front of the withers followed by hair loss, coldness to touch and soreness.

The nuchal ligament starts at the poll and attaches to the wither and is instrumental in helping the horse lift its back. Inhibiting or damaging the nuchal ligament can lead to anything from minor discomfort to stiffness, reduction in length of stride, disjointed movements and loss of soundness.

The wither relief pads, which are present in all the weights and neck styles within the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Plus Dynamic range, are the most sought after feature within the WeatherBeeta blanket range, and it is not surprising when it can have such a positive impact on the horses welfare.

Aside from the wither relief pads though, the Plus Dynamic offers a plethora of benefits to both horse and owner. The quick clip front closure means it is straight forward to blanket and unblanket during a busy schedule without compromising on fit. The extra-large tail flap protects the horse from the elements whilst the elasticated, removable leg straps helps keep the blanket in place even with the most proliferous rollers!  

The denier also merits a mention. Instead of the traditional 1200D square weave, the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Plus Dynamic features a 1200D Triple Diamond Weave which is designed to help limit any tears that any wrecker horse is intent on creating!

Add to all these features, an affordable price tag and a 3 Year Warranty, and it is no surprise that the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Plus Dynamic is so many horse owners favorite blanket!

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