Why Do You Need To Update Your Saddle?

A well-fitting saddle will not only encourage your horse’s natural freedom of movement but will also aid in improving your position as a rider.

Here at Crosby Saddlery, we always recommend you seeking the advice of a qualified Saddle Fitter to help find the best fitting saddle for your horse.

All our Crosby saddles feature panels with a strategically broad bearing surface, enabling them to fit a wide variety of horses. A good fitting saddle should equally spread the rider’s weight over a large part of the horse’s back, to reduce uneven pressure. The smaller the surface area of the saddle against the horse, the more pressure which is applied to the horse’s back.

Whether your horse is showing signs of discomfort when ridden, or even if they are not, it is vital to check the fit of your saddle. Many horses may show no indication of pain even when they may be struggling from an unfitted saddle.

The generous channel width of both the Jump and Dressage saddles available in the range, ensures a good spine clearance for the horse’s comfort and movement, making these saddles a great option for a variety of horses.

We recommend if your horse has had a change in their fitness and/or diet, to recheck the fit of the saddle. As your horse changes shape, your saddle may need adapting too.

This is why the Crosby Saddlery Collection features the versatile Opti-Fit Gullet System, which allows for the adjustment of your gullet to custom fit your saddle. This quick and easy gullet change can be done in a matter of minutes and altered throughout the lifetime of the saddle.

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