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For 40 years WeatherBeeta, has embarked on a brand mission to create high quality, comfortable, innovative and durable protection for horses & dogs.  Ensuring that you find the right size blanket for your horse is extremely important to ensure the comfort of your horse and to prevent rubbing and rug slippage. As horses of the same height at the wither come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it is useful to take certain measurements of your horse.  Our size guide details how to measure your horse to determine the blanket size required.  Bear in mind that every horse is different and that this table is a guide only. We have many different styles to suit all shapes and sizes, please see each blanket for details.

As you search through our range of blankets, you will be able to locate the Horse Blanket Size chart on the 'Size Chart' tab within the product itself, so you do not need to keep referring back to this page for measurements. If you have any questions relating to sizing or anything else regarding our blankets, then please do get in touch with us from our Contact Us page.


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How To Measure:

Back Seam (A): Measure from the wither to the top of the tail.

Body Length (B): Measure from the center of the chest to the end of rump.

Horse blankets are measured in feet and inches. Measure your horse's Body Length (B) (it's easier with a friend) and use the table below to find the correct size. WeatherBeeta blankets are sized in 3 inch increments, if your horse is between sizes, then choose the bigger size.


Back Seam (A) Body Length (B)
Euro (cm) Feet Inches Inches cm
55 3'0 36" 90
60 3'3 39" 100
65 3'6 42" 105
70 3'9 48" 115
75 4'0 48" 120
85 4'3 51" 130
90 4'6 54" 140
95 4'9 57" 145
105 5'0 60" 155
115 5'3 63" 160
120 5'6 66" 170
125 5'9 69" 175
135 6'0 72" 185
140 6'3 75" 190
145 6'5 77" 195
150 6'6 78" 200
155 6'9 81" 205
160 7'0 84" 215
165 7'3 87" 225




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How To Measure:

Back Seam: Measure from the wither to the top of the tail.


Size Back Seam (cm)
X Small 125
Small 135
Medium 145
Large 155
X Large 165
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