National Walk Your Dog Week

National Walk Your Dog Week Oct 1st-7th 

For pet owners, it is no surprise that when you pick up the lead or put your boots on, your four-legged friend becomes extremely excited and eager. This is because, well, dogs love walks! Which is great news as there are several benefits for daily dog walks, including exercise to reduce obesity as well as keeping joints supple, improving mental health with new stimuli, practicing behavioural training exercises and, of course, socialisation.

This week it is National Walk Your Dog Week (October 1-7th), and we are encouraging you to get outside with your pooches and explore the outdoors. As the nights draw in and winter creeps up on us, we understand the reluctance that both you and your pup can feel when it comes to going for a walk, especially when it is raining outside!

But let’s talk about the benefits to establish a great dog walking routine to help inspire you to get out and about this autumn. Firstly, going out for walks allows your dog to socialise with other dogs. This is incredibly important to teach them how to interact properly with new dogs and their owners, and helps to prevent anxiousness when going to new places.

Secondly, it allows for crucial bonding time with your four-legged friend. Each day, humans spend a lot of their time working, whether that be at home or out at the office, doing household chores and then socialising or relaxing in the evenings. This leaves little time for one to one interaction with your dog, which can leave them feeling bored and lonely. By taking them out for regular walks, it provides them with important interaction with you, which will leave them feeling relaxed and happy.

As mentioned earlier, walking also improves both our dog’s and ourselves mental health. By staying inside the same four walls all day, dogs can become lethargic and unhappy. Going outside for adventures, means we see, hear, and smell new things, therefore supplying a high level of mental stimulation for your dog.

Finally, walking provides the physical exercise that dogs require to maintain a healthy weight and keep their joints supple. If you own a 2 year old Springer Spaniel, of course they are going to run around and need a lot more exercise than a 10 year old Labrador, however all dogs require some form of exercise to keep them happy and healthy. Don’t forget, it also helps towards your step count too!

This National Dog Walking Week, set yourself a challenge to try different walks, visit new areas and why not have a go at something new with your dog, such as an agility course! Don’t forget to pack warm, waterproof gear to keep both you and your pooch snug and dry during winter walkies. WeatherBeeta’s range of waterproof dog coats can be found HERE

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