Freedom Reigns Ranch

Freedom Reigns Ranch is a unique mentorship program geared towards children and teens who have been through trauma or challenging circumstances, though they open the program to people from every walk of life. Freedom Reigns understands that every child deals with his or her own set of unique challenges and their session leaders work hard to adapt programming to meet the individual needs of each child.

Over half of Freedom Reigns Ranch's session herd are horses that have been rescued from abuse and neglect in Middle Tennessee. In addition to the permanent rescued Ranch Residents, Freedom Reigns serves as a foster farm for horses in rescue. The ranch cares for these horses in critical need, and participants gain valuable experience and healing in working to help heal rescued horses, often with similar past experiences they share. Horses are then either welcomed as permanent Ranch Residents if they are suitable session horses or adopted into appropriate loving homes.

We at WeatherBeeta understand the healing effects that horse’s can have on our body and mind and wish to support Freedom Reign’s Ranch with their journey to helping others who have been through traumatic experiences. Each horse at the ranch plays a vital part in the process and we hope that by making sure they have the best possible equipment and support; they can carry on their important role.

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