Boot Review: Dublin Pinnacle Boots

A normal workday at the barn for me? 12+ hours. If you have ever been around a horse (which you all have) you know this means you are on your feet for every second of those 12 long hours. The wrong shoes can make those 12 hours extremely long, which is exactly why my Dublin Pinnacle boots are my top choice of footwear for those days. They are by far the RIGHT footwear for long days at the barn. One of the best parts of these, at the end of the day my feet are not screaming at me. You know what I mean, the whole thumping in every toe, heel about to collapse, cannot possibly make it to the couch for more binge-watching screaming? Not with these boots! They easily slip on and off for wherever my active lifestyle takes me. From the barn, to walking the dogs, to hiking the trails, I could not survive without them! Rain or shine, these boots have never let me down, from keeping my feet dry on the muddiest, snowiest of days to keeping me moving through the sunniest of fields. Not only do these boots stand up long working hours, but they are cute and fashionable! The side laces give a nice added touch of fun to my outfit which does not make me feel like I am wearing just the regular work boots. These give a bit of fun and fashion to my outfit. Who says you cannot need to look like cute while doing barn chores? I have had these boots for going on 5 years now and they still fit me like a glove!