Review: Collegiate Memory Foam Girth

I purchased the Collegiate memory foam girth after searching endlessly for something comfortable to suit my sensitive horse, Sky. She’s a typical grumpy mare and has always pulled faces when girthing up, but after having kissing spines I wanted to find a girth to help make her feel at ease when it came to bring her back into work.

I was attracted to the Collegiate memory foam girth because of the dual elastic at both ends and the memory foam padding throughout, both essential for keeping Sky happy! When it came to board Sky for the first time after her recovery, I was anxious about how she would react when I did the girth up but it was a miracle to see her totally relaxed and no faces were made, it’s like having a different horse. I really wish that I had found the Collegiate girth sooner after seeing Sky so calm when tacking up and will never buy anything else! I have two young horses that will soon be ready for breaking and I will use the memory foam girth on them as well.

I regularly get Sky’s saddle checked, and when my saddler came to visit, she commented on what a lovely girth I had and even asked me where she could get one for her own horse! She was even more impressed when I told her that the girth is priced at just $64.99, which is incredible value for the quality and comfort it provides to Sky. Also, I find the center dee ring beneficial when using training equipment or lunging in tack.

Comparing the Collegiate memory foam girth to other similar styles by different brands, Collegiate have created the best quality girth for the best price in my opinion, I would recommend them to anyone and will continue to use their products myself.