Memory Foam Half Pad by WeatherBeeta

With a high wither and broad shoulder, Oliver has often been a challenge when it comes to saddle fitting. After finally finding a dressage saddle that he is comfortable in, I began searching for a compatible half pad. We needed something that wouldn’t alter the fit of the saddle, but with a very sensitive back he needed more padding than just a regular dressage pad could offer. After many years in a traditional sheepskin half pad, I decided to try a memory foam option for something with a little more shock absorption. I ordered a WeatherBeeta Memory Foam Half Pad, as it offered a smooth fill and a contoured cut. The memory foam is soft and supple, allowing for additional cushioning under the saddle without too much bulk. The two separate side panels allow for a thin, no-fill channel along the spine of the pad, so no additional pressure is created against his top line. The soft fleece on the underside is both breathable and moisture wicking, for comfortable use regardless of the temperature. The micro suede top prevents the pad from slipping or shifting, without having to utilize traditional keepers. I find that the material is also surprisingly durable and easy to clean – I was a little hesitant in purchasing the white, but wanted a more traditional look, and have been impressed with how the color has held up over time. Oliver has been very happy with the pad, and seems much more comfortable that he was with the thinner, traditional sheepskin model!