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California Consumer Privacy Act

This page is for California residents to submit requests pursuant to the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) to Weatherbeeta USA Inc. (“we,” “our” or “us”). This page describes the information we need to confirm your identity and verify you in our records in order to respond to and process your request, when you can expect a response, and other important information.

In order to verify your identity to honor these requests, we require you to provide the following personal information:

Customer Details

Please provide your full name as used on our website

Please provide the email address that has been used on our website.

Please provide your full billing or mailing address as used on our website, including State and Zip Code

Transaction Details

A 9 or 10 digit order number from a past purchase, which can be found on your order confirmation email

Please indicate here if you are acting as an authorized agent

Data Type Requested

Please indicate which request(s) you would like to make by choosing the relevant option(s) above. More information about these rights is located in our Privacy Policy

Please provide any further information that may be relevant to your data request eg. Personal Information Category


Note: If you are requesting disclosure of the specific pieces of personal information we have collected about you, you must submit a signed declaration including the following language:

Declaration of Consumer:

I am resident of California seeking to make a request for the specific pieces of personal information that Weatherbeeta USA Inc. holds about me pursuant to the California Consumer Privacy Act. I hereby declare, under penalty of perjury under the laws of California and the United States, that I am the consumer whose personal information is provided below. I understand that I may be subject to civil or criminal penalties for any fraudulent or intentional misrepresentation.

Authorized Agents:

Authorized agents may exercise rights on behalf of consumers, but we reserve the right to also verify the consumer directly as described above. Authorized agents must upload documentation demonstrating the agent has authority to exercise rights on the consumer’s behalf. At a minimum, we will require evidence of the agent’s identity, proof of registration with the California Secretary of State (if applicable), and at least one of the following, as evidence of your legal authority to act on the behalf of the individual consumer.

Written authorization signed by the Consumer or a certified copy of a Power of Attorney granted under Probate Code.

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