The WeatherBeeta Goat Coat - Because Goats Get Cold Too

Despite her big personality, Daisy is a sensitive soul who shivers in the winter if she gets too cold.

Daisy is a rescue goat owned by The Cheshire Horse founder Marianne Hamshaw. She came to Marianne very skinny and in need of a good home. Now she lets her personality flourish as she lives free in a barn with three horses to keep her company. Daisy has a very affectionate temperament and enjoys following Marianne around the barn and eating handfuls of horse grain during feeding time. Her favorite activity is grazing in the field with her equine friends in the summer, and in the winter, she eats all the hay a goat could wish for. She is no longer skinny and couldn’t imagine a much better life.

Despite being in a barn and having an abundance of hay, come winter time, Marianne noticed that Daisy really feels the cold and would frequently be shivering. First, she tried a foal blanket, but it didn’t fit right, so now she uses a WeatherBeeta Goat Coat. Daisy thinks it was made just for her, so don’t tell her that the
Daisy the goat wearing her high neck WeatherBeeta goat coat WeatherBeeta Goat Coat is available in multiple sizes both online and in stores. Daisy is a large dairy goat, and she wears the XL size in the high neck version.

While goats - including Daisy - are not always easy to catch or handle, the WeatherBeeta Goat Coat with Neck is easy to slip over her head and fits well with minimal adjustment. The coverage over the neck helps provide additional warmth, and the adjustable leg straps are a great feature. Daisy wore this blanket during the recent storm and it stayed in place great.

With other goat coats that Marianne has tried, she needed to double them up in the winter to really keep Daisy warm, but this high neck version provides enough warmth on its own.

Daisy the goat wearing her lighter WeatherBeeta goat coatWhile Daisy’s favorite version of the coat for cold New England winters is the high neck version, she has also been known to wear the standard version for cool fall romps through the leaves.

If there’s a goat like Daisy in your life, consider their warmth as temperatures drop. Despite their big personalities, goats are sensitive animals, and they get cold too!