Land Rover Takeover - Hawley Bennett & JollyBo pt 2

We're back with Hawley Bennett and Jolly Bo talking coolers, training, recovery and avoiding injury

After a ride, what is your “Go to” stable essential that you enjoy putting on JollyBo?

I like to focus not only on before the ride, but after as well.  Jolly will have the Equillibrum Massage pad on over her WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec Cooler.  It’s kinda cool to see how relaxed she gets with this on!

If JollyBo seems tight or sore from training, which product helps aid in recovery?

It’s important to have a great vet, farrier and massage/chiropractor therapist that you can trust.  My horses stay on a pretty solid routine.  If you can stay ahead of an injury that’s the best thing that can happen.  If my horse gallop or jump they get iced and wrapped.  A specific feeding program is made for each horse with grain and Platinum Performance and Nupa Feed supplements.  Also using the Therapy-Tec cooler on a daily basis helps in recovery.

What advice would you give riders on keeping their horse fit and reducing the risk of injury?

Every horse is different and should have a different schedule.  I am a big believer in long slow work and using hills.  The less pounding on their legs, the better!! A game changer for Jollybo has been going to Trifecta equine athletic center and using the water treadmill there.  She has never been in better shape and is super strong! I also like to be the one grooming my horses.  I want know what their legs and bodies feel like.  I don’t want to have missed something because I didn't put the time in to groom them.