Land Rover Takover - Eyes on Hawley Bennett & JollyBo

As part of Land Rover Takeover, we caught up with sponsored rider and eventer, Hawley Bennett to talk blankets, horses, treats, and more!

We’d love to learn a little more about JollyBo. What is her favorite treat?

Jollybo has changed quite a bit since I have had her. She has definitely gained a big personality! Even though she is tiny, she has the biggest heart and best work ethic I could ever ask for!!  Jolly is super friendly and loves to have a friend in turnout.  At night she goes out with Livingstone, (My horse of a life time that I have had for 25 years!!!) I can only imagine the stories the two of the have.  Jolly is a mare, and its funny how many people think she is a gelding! I am not sure if it’s because she has a big neck and is super muscular, or if it’s because she is so well behaved and not mareish at all!! I think she is gorgeous and has one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen!! As for treats, she loves her peppermints and for sure a carrot before going to work! 


Which one is JollyBo: Blanket Wrecker, Houdini or Friendly?

Jollybo is pretty easy going on the wear and tear of blankets (Thank goodness!!!) Hands down, my favorite turnout blanket ever is the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Premier Free Detach a Neck heavy blanket!!  The horse always stay warm and dry.  It’s my favorite looking blanket as well.  Whenever the horses are wearing them, someone always stops to compliment me on them.  My favorite feature is the new closure they have on the front and not one of my horses gets rubs in them!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!


How long have you owned JollyBo?

I was lucky enough to finally own this magical little mare in June of 2016!!