Keeping My Senior Horse "Ultra Cozi" with WeatherBeeta

My horse Danny is in his early twenties so choosing the right medium weight blanket for him was important to not only protect him against the winter elements, but also providing me peace of mind knowing he is maintaining his weight and he is comfortable. Over the years I have learned how much he loathes being out in the cold, particularly if it is windy or if is out in any a drizzle of rain.

Danny has big shoulders paired with a high wither, so I knew I wanted a blanket that would provide him comfort and ability to move freely. He has a tendency to pace when he becomes anxious and is ready to come in which led me to look at the ComFiTec Ultra Cozi because it had the Freedom System shoulder gusset that creates a pocket for horses to step in to. Perfect for when he feels the need to wiggle at the gate!

WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Ultra CoziAnother challenge is maintaining his weight over the winter. Knowing he already doesn’t like when it gets too cold, I knew that I wanted a medium weight blanket with a higher denier, a tail flap to cover his hind end completely against any chill and a neck cover to take on and off. On the days it is much colder and he needs his neck cover, I love the Cozi Guard and Snug Fit feature. They provide complete coverage across his chest and neck and it is very helpful that the Snug Fit can be removed if needed which allows me to adjust the level of warmth if needed.

Choosing the Ultra Cozi has been a great investment. I have had it for 3 winters now and it continues to provide Danny with the protection he needs. Danny is now enjoying his retirement which now consists of taking naps and basking in the sun. On the days the weather becomes unpredictable, he seems less phased by the weather because his blanket has provided him with the protection he needs.