Review: Non-Slip Silicone Dog Bowl

I just recently purchased a set of the WeatherBeeta Non-Slip Stainless Steel Silicone Bone Dog Bowl and I can’t get over how versatile these are. I originally purchased them due to the removable silicone outer. Not only was it adorable and came in so many color selections but I figured it’d be perfect for those dirty barn days, and it is! I can just remove the silicone, spray it down real quick, and put it back on the bowl for a “fresh out of the package look”. I was most impressed however, when I took these bowls on the boat. Due to waves rocking the boat and water making the floors slippery it’s nearly impossible to find a dog bowl that will stay in place for an easy find for my pup. Well, these Non-slip bowls are truly non-slip! The bowl didn’t move out of place once and it was so nice not to be cleaning up spilled water all day. Not to mention, they do an awesome job at keeping the water cool.

Highly recommend these bowls for not just equestrians but anyone looking to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle!