WeatherBeeta Breeze Review

Warm and muggy weather can be such a difficult environment to contend with when it comes to protecting your horse, especially for those sensitive horses who react badly to flies, midges, sun burn and coat bleaching. However, when I came across the Weatherbeeta Breeze it didn’t take long to realize what a wonderful innovation it was and how it would keep my horse so well protected and cool. Made mostly of a fine, nicely woven cotton, it looks fantastic and fits perfectly, offering full body protection to my sensitive mare. Not only is this sheet lightweight, the great fit enables her complete freedom of movement whatever foolish behavior she may get up to, with no rubbing or restriction. I didn’t even have to adjust anything, it fit like a glove I just put it on her and buckled the neck, the front, the belly and the legs straps as it came out off the bag.

Another fantastic feature of the WeatherBeeta Breeze Sheet is the wither relief pads, this means the sheet is lifted off her withers to prevent pressure points and wither rubs, not something I have seen on any other lightweight summer sheets and is an incredibly beneficial addition, offering peace of mind during long durations of wear. The temperature recently has been very warm and humid, around 27°C/80°F and she hasn’t sweated at all in the WeatherBeeta Breeze Sheet, she comfortably grazes in the sunshine from dawn until dusk, free from fly bites and UV rays to stop her coat bleaching. Weatherbeeta Breeze sheet is really a breakthrough invention that we could no longer live without!